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Article: Stones for the Capricorn sign

Bohovibes provlékací řetízkové náušnice s labradority.

Stones for the Capricorn sign

Which minerals are best suited for the Capricorn sign?

They are crystal, labradorite, malachite, onyx, opal, tourmaline and turquoise.

In this article, you will find a detailed overview of suitable stones for Capricorns, including their effects. You just have to choose.

Bohovibes chain earrings with labradorite.


Crystal is a universalizing stone. It significantly strengthens the energy and brings it into harmony. It has a beneficial effect on all ailments, strengthens patience and wisdom. It clarifies the mind and stimulates the psyche, helping to achieve self-improvement. It is a suitable addition to meditations. Due to its versatile effects, it is also used to enhance the effect of other stones.

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Labradorite is a stone that brings light into life. It protects and creates barriers against negative energy. It suppresses fear and uncertainty, strengthens self-confidence and helps realize dreams. It calms the mind and promotes intuition and understanding. It removes blockages and helps its wearer in mental growth. It brings strength and endurance in times of change.

Browse Capricorn jewelry with labradorite


Malachite is a protective stone that absorbs negative energies. Brings relaxation and harmony. It supports love, feeling, empathy and intuition. It encourages creativity, courage and new adventures. It helps to awaken the inner child in a person. It strengthens friendly relationships.

View jewelry for Capricorns with malachite


Onyx is a stone that increases the ability of self-confidence and self-control. It brings life force and provides support in challenging situations. It adds vigor and insight and helps maintain calm and a positive attitude. Protects against negativity arising from conflicts. It facilitates the resolution of internal disputes, reduces volatility and promotes a steady approach to life. It increases the ability to make well-considered decisions.

View onyx jewelry for Capricorns


Opal is a stone of cordiality and friendliness. It helps empathize with others and open up in thinking and acting. It relieves worries and brings lightness into life. It brings self-knowledge and understanding of one's own worth. It strengthens feelings, faithfulness and loyalty. It encourages spontaneous decision-making and artistic inclinations.

View opal jewelry for Capricorns


Tourmaline is a protective shamanic stone that always works in favor of its wearer. It helps to get rid of stress and absorbs negative energies. It facilitates understanding of oneself and others. It brings inspiration, understanding, tolerance and prosperity. It increases self-confidence, independence and helps gain insight.

View Capricorn jewelry with tourmaline


Turquoise is a protective and cleansing stone. It brings happiness, joy and inner peace. It works against negative energy, depression, fear and exhaustion. It brings strength and concentration to its wearer. It stimulates creativity and helps discover the right path in life. It is also a traveller's amulet.

View Capricorn jewelry with turquoise

You can view all Capricorn jewelry here .

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