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Article: 4 stones for luck

4 kameny pro štěstí

4 stones for luck

Which gemstones will help you attract luck into your life? There are several of them active in this area, and that is why I have prepared a brief overview for you. All the minerals that I will write about can also be found in the Bohovibes jewelry range.

Bohovibes bracelet in turquoise and silver. Handmade jewelry from precious stones.

*the photo shows a turquoise bracelet


Aventurine is a lucky stone . It encourages communication, clear expression and decision-making skills. Increases sensitivity and creativity. It calms its wearer, helps induce restful sleep and pleasant dreams. It harmonizes male and female energy. It gives joy, peace, healthy self-confidence and brings patience.

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Citrine is a stone of happiness and abundance . It attracts success, prosperity and supports creative abilities. It brings self-confidence, moderates over-sensitivity and helps to accept criticism. Dispels negative energy and emotions. It strengthens individuality, self-expression and motivation. It helps concentration and establishes inner peace.

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Jadeite is a stone of purity and balance. It protects, brings harmony to life and attracts luck . It brings positive energy and life vitality. It calms the mind, helps internal balance and the birth of new ideas. It promotes empathy and facilitates interpersonal communication. It facilitates the fulfillment of ambitions and the realization of dreams. It gives us the courage to show who we really are.

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Turquoise is a protective and cleansing stone. It brings happiness, joy and inner peace. It works against negative energy, depression, fear and exhaustion. It brings strength and concentration to its wearer. It stimulates creativity and helps discover the right path in life. It is also a traveller's amulet.

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