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Article: Stones for the sign of the lion

Kameny pro znamení lev

Stones for the sign of the lion

Which minerals are best suited for the sign of Leo?

They are citrine, garnet, crystal, onyx, ruby ​​in zoisite, sunstone, tiger's eye and turquoise .

In this article, you will find a detailed overview of suitable stones for Leos, including their effects. You just have to choose.

Bohovibes hoop earrings with garnet. Handmade jewelry from minerals.

*the photo shows earrings with a garnet


Citrine is a stone of happiness and abundance. It attracts success, prosperity and supports creative abilities. It brings self-confidence, moderates over-sensitivity and helps to accept criticism. Dispels negative energy and emotions. It strengthens individuality, self-expression and motivation. It helps concentration and establishes inner peace.

View jewelry for lions with citrine


The grenade has a strong ability to deliver energy. Increases vitality and zest for life. It promotes love, sexual desire, commitment and strengthens relationships. It brings peace and balance. It helps overcome crises and traumas and gives new strength. It brings courage and hope to seemingly hopeless situations. It opens the heart and increases self-confidence. As an amulet, it protects against danger.

View jewelry for lions with garnet


Crystal is a universalizing stone. It significantly strengthens the energy and brings it into harmony. It has a beneficial effect on all ailments, strengthens patience and wisdom. It clarifies the mind and stimulates the psyche, helping to achieve self-improvement. It is a suitable addition to meditations. Due to its versatile effects, it is also used to enhance the effect of other stones.

View jewelry for lions with crystal


Onyx is a stone that increases the ability of self-confidence and self-control. It brings life force and provides support in challenging situations. It adds vigor and insight and helps maintain calm and a positive attitude. Protects against negativity arising from conflicts. It facilitates the resolution of internal disputes, reduces volatility and promotes a steady approach to life. It increases the ability to make well-considered decisions.

View jewelry for lions with onyx


The ruby ​​in zoisite is a stone that transforms negative energy into positive. It helps to manage stress and difficult life situations. Ruby is a stone of protection. Dispels fear, sadness and dark thoughts. It brings strength and energy. Zoisite is a stone of encouragement. It helps to overcome self-destructive tendencies, cope with the past and take life into one's own hands.

View jewelry for lions with ruby ​​in zoisite


Sunstone brings good mood, cheerfulness and an optimistic outlook on life. It gives energy, a sense of faith and helps to fulfill one's own potential. It works against fear and stress and promotes self-belief. It supports intuition and activity. It is a powerful protective stone.

View sunstone leo jewelry


The tiger's eye brings an active outlook on life, increases the will for self-realization and strengthens the will and concentration. It supports prudence and independent decision-making. It helps in finding one's own needs and the needs of others and motivates to achieve the goal. It gives courage and protects against various forms of danger. It helps to recognize one's own talent and abilities.

View jewelry for lions with tiger's eye


Turquoise is a protective and cleansing stone. It brings happiness, joy and inner peace. It works against negative energy, depression, fear and exhaustion. It brings strength and concentration to its wearer. It stimulates creativity and helps discover the right path in life. It is also a traveller's amulet.

View jewelry for lions with turquoise

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