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Article: 5 tips on how to choose a mineral bracelet

Jak si vybrat náramek z minerálů

5 tips on how to choose a mineral bracelet

How to choose the right stone? Since I often encounter questions on this topic, I decided to write this article. You will find a wide range of gemstones in the Bohovibes range and it can be difficult to navigate. These five points will help you figure out what you're actually looking for and which bracelet will be right for you. I hope that my advice will be useful to you and that thanks to them you will perhaps find the piece of jewelery you are in love with.

How to choose a Bohovibes bracelet

1. According to the zodiac sign

A classic choice path that many people take. Precious stones and zodiac have always been intertwined and this fact is deeply rooted in the mind of each of us. Nevertheless, I do not recommend taking the assignment of minerals to individual signs too dogmatically. It's a great guide if you have no idea what to expect from a bracelet and how to choose it. But in no case is it true that you should only wear stones that belong to your sign. The difference can be manifested in the fact that the stones falling under your sign will have a stronger effect on you.

2. By effect

If you are looking for a stone with a specific effect or need help with a specific problem, it is a good idea to choose an expensive stone or a combination of them according to the spectrum of their action. Precisely for these purposes, I have compiled an overview of the effects of mineral stones , which will make your search easier. It didn't fit everything in it, but you can easily find the basic areas of operation in it. Choosing a bracelet according to what you currently need help with in life is always a good way.

3. According to the stone

You can also choose a bracelet according to one specific stone that is close to you for some reason. If a mineral attracts you more than others and you can't take your eyes off it, it's probably the one for you. It doesn't have to be related to the whole sign or the desired effect at all. In short, somehow you subconsciously require the energy of this type of mineral. It's a good idea to follow this, even though it may not make sense at first glance, and according to all descriptions, you should be wearing a completely different stone.

4. By color

Everyone has favorite colors that they like to surround themselves with and look at. The colors themselves also have an effect on us, so it is good to wear colors that are good for your eyes. I myself would probably never choose a bracelet with blue stones, because the only blue thing I can wear is jeans. Even the effects exactly according to my needs would not convince me. On the contrary, choosing a bracelet purely based on color can also be very beneficial if the given color makes you feel good.

5. By intuition

In my opinion, the best way to choose. Each stone has its own energy that it can transmit to you. Each can be beneficial to its wearer. The heart often precedes the head in decision-making, and a certain bracelet can catch your eye before you even have time to think properly. If a piece of jewelry really catches your eye, it's pointless to try to find another, perhaps more suitable according to the labels. We subconsciously choose a stone whose energy we need most at the moment, even if we don't even know why.

I myself choose bracelets exclusively based on feeling. Sometimes I have such an intense feeling that I must wear a stone that I immediately add another bracelet to my collection and don't take it off for maybe a few weeks. As a rule, this will change several times a year, and there is nothing wrong with that, because we do not need the same kind of support and energy every time. The main thing is to find the right jewelry that will be good for our body and soul.

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