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Article: 6 stones for love, partnership and relationships

Bohovibes šperky drahými kameny. Náhrdelník s růženínem. Šest kamenů pro lásku a vztahy.

6 stones for love, partnership and relationships

What stones to choose when you are looking for love or want to work on your current relationship? There are several of them active in this area, and that is why I have prepared a brief overview for you. All the minerals that I will write about can also be found in the Bohovibes jewelry range.

Bohovibes six stones for love and relationships. Necklace with raw rose gold. Jewelry made of precious stones.

Which stones work best in love and relationships? Agate, garnet, aquamarine, moonstone, rose quartz and malachite.


Agate strengthens the feeling of love, certainty and security. It is beneficial for emotional disappointments, it gives courage to look for a new love or to give someone a second chance. It helps strengthen all interpersonal relationships.

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Garnet supports love, sexual desire, devotion and strengthens relationships. It opens the heart and supports strong relationships . It brings emotional harmony, understanding, sincerity and trust to relationships. In addition to partner love and relationships, it also supports friendship.

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Aquamarine helps bring balance to life, induce relaxation and calm the mind. It dispels fear and apprehension and makes its wearer more courageous. In partner and friendly relationships, they learn to communicate correctly, to be honest with each other and to express feelings. It strengthens the feeling of inner freedom and brings hope to challenging life periods.

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Moon stone

It attracts love and helps solve problems in relationships. It helps calm turbulent emotions and keeps male and female energy in balance. It supports the romantic nature and opens the heart . It is a symbol of love, eroticism and fertility.

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Rosary is a stone of heart and love . It opens the heart and helps to express feelings. It promotes empathy, sensitivity, gentleness and tenderness. It helps to establish relationships and encourages sensitivity towards others and oneself.

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Malachite is a protective stone that absorbs negative energies. It brings relaxation and harmony. It supports love, feeling, empathy and intuition. It encourages creativity, courage and new adventures. It helps to awaken the inner child in a person. It strengthens friendly relationships.

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