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Article: 9 Best Protection Stones

9 nejlepších ochranných kamenů

9 Best Protection Stones

Which gemstones will help you provide protection? There are several of them active in this area, and that is why I have prepared a brief overview for you. All the minerals that I will write about can also be found in the Bohovibes jewelry range.

Bohovibes protection necklace with tourmaline. Handmade jewelry.

*the model is wearing a tourmaline necklace


Agate is a stone of strength, harmony and protection . It calms, helps drive away fear, gives self-confidence and courage. Cleanses the aura and harmonizes energies. It strengthens the feeling of love, certainty and security. It gives its wearer emotional and mental balance and helps remove internal tension. It relieves stress and is a great helper for heavy mental stress.

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Amethyst is a stone of purity. It has strong spiritual vibrations and protective power . It helps calm the nervous system, protect against negative influences and find mental balance. Its powerful healing and cleansing power improves personal aura and radiance. It supports inner strength, decisiveness and a sharp mind. It removes fear and anxiety and promotes restful sleep.

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Jadeite is a stone of purity and balance. It protects , brings harmony into life and attracts luck. It brings positive energy and life vitality. It calms the mind, helps internal balance and the birth of new ideas. It promotes empathy and facilitates interpersonal communication. It facilitates the fulfillment of ambitions and the realization of dreams. It gives us the courage to show who we really are.

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Labradorite is a stone that brings light into life. It protects and creates barriers against negative energy . It suppresses fear and uncertainty, strengthens self-confidence and helps realize dreams. It calms the mind and promotes intuition and understanding. It removes blockages and helps its wearer in mental growth. It brings strength and endurance in times of change.

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Malachite is a protective stone that absorbs negative energies. Brings relaxation and harmony. It supports love, feeling, empathy and intuition. It encourages creativity, courage and new adventures. It helps to awaken the inner child in a person. It strengthens friendly relationships.

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Ruby in zoisite

The ruby ​​in zoisite is a stone that transforms negative energy into positive. It helps to manage stress and difficult life situations. Ruby is a stone of protection . Dispels fear, sadness and dark thoughts. It brings strength and energy. Zoisite is a stone of encouragement. It helps to overcome self-destructive tendencies, cope with the past and take life into one's own hands.

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Sunstone brings good mood, cheerfulness and an optimistic outlook on life. It gives energy, a sense of faith and helps to fulfill one's own potential. It works against fear and stress and promotes self-belief. It supports intuition and activity. It is a powerful protective stone .

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Tourmaline is a protective shamanic stone that always works in favor of its wearer. It helps to get rid of stress and absorbs negative energies. It facilitates understanding of oneself and others. It brings inspiration, understanding, tolerance and prosperity. It increases self-confidence, independence and helps gain insight.

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Turquoise is a protective and cleansing stone . It brings happiness, joy and inner peace. It works against negative energy, depression, fear and exhaustion. It brings strength and concentration to its wearer. It stimulates creativity and helps discover the right path in life. It is also a traveller's amulet.

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