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Article: How to care for gold-plated silver?

Náhrdelník s ametystem

How to care for gold-plated silver?

Gold-plated silver is a great choice for all gold lovers. Compared to gold, it is much cheaper and looks just as beautiful. While most of us have to save up for a piece of jewelry made of pure gold, we can easily afford a piece of jewelry made of gold-plated silver.

Amethyst necklace

How to care for gold-plated silver?

As with other jewelry, it is important to avoid contact with water, cosmetics, cleaning agents or sweat. Always save the jewelry for sports, cleaning and showering. If you are not wearing your beloved piece, store it in a dry and dark place.

If the jewelry needs to be cleaned, use only jewelry cleaning products . There are wipes impregnated with a polishing agent or very practical cleaning baths on the market.

Necklace with carnelian

How about longevity?

With proper handling , the gilding will last for several years . But if you don't take care of the jewelry properly, you can significantly shorten its lifespan. Daily showering and streams of sweat in the gym are not good for jewelry and can result in the gilding starting to disappear within a few months.

The lifespan also varies according to the type of jewelry. Gold plating lasts the longest on small earrings that do not rub against anything. On the contrary, a necklace that constantly rubs against the skin and clothes will disappear a little faster.

Pearl bracelet

What to do with chipped gilding?

When the gold plating is almost gone and your jewelry is starting to look more silver than gold, you have two options. If you like silver, you can keep wearing it as silver . If you insist on gold, take the jewelry to your nearest jewelry store and ask about re-gilding . They will certainly be happy to help you and the jewelry will be like new again.

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