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Article: Agate - Origin and effects

Achát - Původ a účinky

Agate - Origin and effects

Agate - formation and effects. Bohovibes handmade jewelry in precious stones and silver.

What is agate?

Agate is a layered variety of chalcedony (quartz). It has many varieties.


White-grey, orange-red, light blue, black, green

Locations in the world

Agates are found all over the world. For example in China, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Botswana, North America, France, Germany, Poland

Site in the Czech Republic

Northeast Bohemia, Ore Mountains, Náchod Region, Hořovicko


Agate is a stone of strength, harmony and protection. It calms, helps drive away fear, gives self-confidence and courage. Cleanses the aura and harmonizes energies. It strengthens the feeling of love, certainty and security. It gives its wearer emotional and mental balance and helps remove internal tension. It relieves stress and is a great helper for heavy mental stress.

Sign of the Zodiac

Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

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