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Article: Amazonite - Origin and effects

Amazonit - Původ a účinky

Amazonite - Origin and effects

Amazonite, origin and effects. Bohovibes handmade zodiac mineral jewelry.

What is amazonite?

Amazonite is a potassium feldspar. This is a green variety of microcline.


Bright green, blue-green

Locations in the world

Russia, Colorado, Madagascar, Brazil, Canada, Namibia, India, Austria, Tanzania

Site in the Czech Republic

Surroundings of Třebíč, Písecko, Žďár u Ruda na Morava


Amazonite strengthens communication on all levels. It helps to stay calm and composed even during serious and unpleasant conversations. It supports the free expression of feelings and thoughts. It balances many aspects of the personality, awakens compassion, kindness and practicality. It enables easier perception of both sides of the problem and awareness of different points of view. It is a strong talisman of prosperity.

Sign of the Zodiac

Cancer, Aquarius, Virgo

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