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Article: How to properly care for jewelry

Bohovibes jak pečovat o šperky.

How to properly care for jewelry

In order for jewelry to remain beautiful for a long time, it is important to properly care for it. However, it is not a science. It is enough to follow a few principles and the jewelry will thank you for it with a long life.

Bohovibes how to properly care for jewelry.

What to avoid?

Avoid contact with water, sweat, cosmetics, perfumes and cleaning agents. These substances can damage the jewelry material. Save jewelry for sports, cleaning or personal hygiene.

How to store jewelry?

If you are not wearing your jewelry, store it in a dry and dark place. Ideally in a bag, box or jewelry box. And certainly not in the bathroom! Moisture can cause blackening of silver and rubbing of rubber bands. Light does not favor silver either, and black much faster.

How to clean jewelry?

If you need to clean the jewelry, reach for cloths or solutions designed for this. You can also try all kinds of grandmotherly advice, but you will always achieve a better result with professional tools. For plated silver, be very gentle when cleaning so as not to damage the layer of the precious metal.

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