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Article: Stones for the sign of Cancer

Bohovibes náramek z minerálů howlit

Stones for the sign of Cancer

Which minerals are best suited for the Cancer sign?

They are chat, masonite, howlite, jadeite, carnelian, rhodonite, rose gold, ruby ​​in zoisite, sunstone and tourmaline.

In this article, you will find a detailed overview of suitable stones for Cancer, including their effects. You just have to choose.

Bohovibes howlite bracelet for crayfish. Mineral jewelry according to the zodiac sign.


Agate is a stone of strength, harmony and protection. It calms, helps drive away fear, gives self-confidence and courage. Cleanses the aura and harmonizes energies. It strengthens the feeling of love, certainty and security. It gives its wearer emotional and mental balance and helps remove internal tension. It relieves stress and is a great helper for heavy mental stress.

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Amazonite strengthens communication on all levels. It helps to stay calm and composed even during serious and unpleasant conversations. It supports the free expression of feelings and thoughts. It balances many aspects of the personality, awakens compassion, kindness and practicality. It enables easier perception of both sides of the problem and awareness of different points of view. It is a strong talisman of prosperity.

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Howlite is a stone of peace, relaxation and harmony. It makes its wearer more resistant to stress and nervousness. It leads a person to self-knowledge and to the knowledge and acceptance of others. It supports rational and calm communication. It stimulates creativity and memory and awakens ambition. It increases patience and helps break down anger and selfishness. It generally reinforces positive character traits.

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Jadeite is a stone of purity and balance. It protects, brings harmony to life and attracts luck. It brings positive energy and life vitality. It calms the mind, helps internal balance and the birth of new ideas. It promotes empathy and facilitates interpersonal communication. It facilitates the fulfillment of ambitions and the realization of dreams. It gives us the courage to show who we really are.

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Carnelian is a stabilizing stone with enormous energy. It brings harmony, peace and patience. It gives its wearer courage and a more positive outlook on life. It helps against negative thoughts or depression and supports natural self-confidence. Dispels apathy and motivates for success. It is useful in overcoming various addictions, it supports a clearer perception of the surrounding world.

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Rhodonite induces emotional balance, love and understanding. Heals emotional wounds, brings forgiveness and trust to those around him. Eliminates fear, anxiety and phobias. It calms its wearer and helps to find self-love. It harmonizes opposites and promotes tolerance. It balances physical and mental energy. It helps to get rid of dependence on other people and to become independent.

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Rosary is a stone of love. It opens the heart and helps to express feelings. It promotes empathy, sensitivity, gentleness and tenderness. It helps to establish relationships and encourages sensitivity towards others and oneself. As a calming stone, it works for anxiety, trauma and sadness. Aids peaceful sleep. It brings inspiration and strengthens imagination and creative power.

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Ruby in zoisite

The ruby ​​in zoisite is a stone that transforms negative energy into positive. It helps to manage stress and difficult life situations. Ruby is a stone of protection. Dispels fear, sadness and dark thoughts. It brings strength and energy. Zoisite is a stone of encouragement. It helps to overcome self-destructive tendencies, cope with the past and take life into one's own hands.

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Sunstone brings good mood, cheerfulness and an optimistic outlook on life. It gives energy, a sense of faith and helps to fulfill one's own potential. It works against fear and stress and promotes self-belief. It supports intuition and activity. It is a powerful protective stone.

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Tourmaline is a protective shamanic stone that always works in favor of its wearer. It helps to get rid of stress and absorbs negative energies. It facilitates understanding of oneself and others. It brings inspiration, understanding, tolerance and prosperity. It increases self-confidence, independence and helps gain perspective.

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