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Obsidian necklace

Sale price€51,95 Regular price€64,95


If you are looking for a strong protection stone , reach for obsidian. Wear it as a reminder of self-confidence and strength that will help you overcome even challenging periods in life. Or give it to a loved one as a symbol of your support .

The necklace is delivered in a gift box .

Stříbrný nebo pozlacený dámský náhrdelník s obsidiánem. Ručně vyráběné stříbrné šperky s kameny podle znamení. Náhrdelník z obsidiánu pro znamení štír, kozoroh a váhy. Boho šperky eshop.
Obsidian necklace Sale price€51,95 Regular price€64,95

Handmade in Prague


I'm Klára, the passionate heart and creative force behind Bohovibes. With every piece of jewelry I craft, I pour in love and care, all under the watchful eye of Berta, our adorable little dachshund supervisor.