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Wish bracelet with turquoise

Sale price€19,95

A wish bracelet will remind you that dreams do come true, you just have to believe . This personal talisman will carry your wishes and help them turn into reality - no matter how big or small they are.

Each bracelet, created with love and care, is like a small symbol of hope. Simply tie it on your wrist and make a wish. When the bracelet wears completely and falls off on its own, your wish should come true!

Wear it with pride as a reminder that what beautiful things await you!

Šňůrkový náramek přání s tyrkysem. Ručně vyráběné náramky z minerálů podle znamení.
Wish bracelet with turquoise Sale price€19,95

Handmade in Prague


I'm Klára, the passionate heart and creative force behind Bohovibes. With every piece of jewelry I craft, I pour in love and care, all under the watchful eye of Berta, our adorable little dachshund supervisor.