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Pearl earrings II.

Sale price€31,95


Perfect in their imperfection, pearls will kindly take care of your feminine energy and underline the beauty you have in yourself. Each biwa pearl is unique in its organic shape and you won't find two exactly alike. Therefore, your earrings will be unique and you will feel like a goddess wearing them!

Each pair of earrings is delivered in a gift box .

Náušnice s perlami biwa. Ručně dělané náušnice s kameny. Stříbrné nebo pozlacené náušnice s perlami. Šperky s minerály podle znamení zvěrokruhu.
Pearl earrings II. Sale price€31,95

Handmade in Prague


I'm Klára, the passionate heart and creative force behind Bohovibes. With every piece of jewelry I craft, I pour in love and care, all under the watchful eye of Berta, our adorable little dachshund supervisor.